• Point of Sale

    Specializing in POS systems for restaurants and retail.

  • Online Ordering & Mobile Apps

    Custom online ordering & branded apps

  • Revolt Social WiFi

    Convert your guests into repeat customers.

POS Revolt

Multiple point of sale options for restaurants and retail specializing in full service, fast casual & quick server capabilities.

Revolt social wifi

Offer free secure WiFi all while automating your marketing and nurturing your new guest relationship! Send a welcome email, then further marketing messages based on a set of rules you establish.

Online Ordering & Mobile apps

Increase sales with online ordering and branded mobile apps. Integrate with your point of sale & website.

Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale

Our POS Systems are featured on Kitchen Nightmare’s. Pos Revolt can not only help get the best and most proficient iPad POS for you, we can save you thousands at the same time.

Feel free to search our site or contact us by e-mail or by phone with any questions you may have. An iPad POS is a great alternative to the standard POS companies out there.

For Restaurant

  • Menus & Modifiers
  • Time & Attendance
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Table Management
  • Multi-Location
  • Inventory
  • Hundreds more…

For Retail

  • Inventory
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Store Management
  • Order History & Returns
  • Multilevel Permissions
  • Customer Management & Loyalty
  • Hundreds More…

Online Ordering & Mobile apps

Take control with a branded online ordering system, built just for you.

Revolt Ordering allows customers to place orders directly from your website, Facebook page, and branded iPhone and Android apps. Orders delivered directly to you Point of Sale & mobile printer.

Revolt Social Wifi


    Safe and secure. No password necessary.

  • Guest sees login screen branded with your logo

    Promote your brand. You customize the message.

  • Guest logs in via social media or email

    They can also be directed to “like” your Facebook page.

  • Voilà! Guest profile is saved to your dashboard

    Send surveys, promos, coupons, newsletters & more


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The Founders

Joe & Jimmy Costanzo

Joe & Jimmy Costanzo

The Founders

As children we grew up involved in and around our fathers own business. Our first job was working with our dad, learning the basics and fundamentals of customer service, work ethic, and respect. We are a team of brothers that motivate each other, while continuing to feed off of each others ideas and ingenuities.

We have both owned and operated different businesses in the past, that having led us to where we are today at POS Revolt. One of our greatest passions is assisting other businesses with this great opportunity in saving money, advance in technology in addition to greater efficiency and continued growth.

Joe Costanzo

Joe Costanzo


In addition to helping in my father’s business, when I turned 14, I started out bussing tables at a local restaurant. I gradually worked my way up through the restaurant business to being a current Franchise Owner of a successful Seafood Restaurant in Tallahassee, FL. While attending college I earned a certification in web design and have always advanced in networking and technology.

A couple of years ago my restaurant was in need of a POS system that would prove to be reliable, efficient, cost effective, compact and technologically advanced. My search found numerous clunky machines that seemed cost prohibitive, rather antiquated in todays times as well as requiring a majority of my time in front of the system to gain all the information I wanted to acquire from it. After more research we chose, and now fully integrated POS Lavu, Not only in my restaurant, but we have implemented it within the entire chain now and we have grown with this great concept. We continue to test all of our products, services and features on a daily basis within our own network to assure you the best solutions possible.

I am pleased and excited to find this incredibly efficient solution in my own business that has allowed me more time and energy for other aspects in my life. I am also excited to be able to share this opportunity with our customers and clients so that they too can experience better time management, efficient business productivity and literally worldwide real time access, to let their business work for them.

Jimmy Costanzo

Jimmy Costanzo


At the age of 15, I chose to explore other employment outside the family business and started my first experience in the restaurant industry at Burger King. Throughout the remainder of high school and into college I continued in the restaurant industry performing all aspects of the business from washing dishes, bussing tables, cooking, bar tending, serving and management. After college I found myself a niche in the Locksmith/Security industry and ran with it. I had no idea that would be the start of me owning and operating my own successful business just a few years later. Through time I realized my passion and dream of being a Helicopter Pilot still existed within me, so I decided to pursue that dream and succeeded!

From then through now I have not only started numerous businesses of my own, but assisted others in establishing and succeeding in their business while maintaining my position as an EMS Helicopter Pilot; Furthermore, I have learned and experienced that not only working HARD, but working SMART has dramatically enabled me to continually achieve my DREAMS!

POS Revolt is yet another dream and mission I have chosen to indulge. It is through this mission that will enable me to not only continue to exceed and achieve my goals, but also enhance and enable others to achieve their goals and dreams by utilizing our service and products in order to advance their organizations efficiency and success. We Thank You for your interest and look forward to enhancing the way you do business!

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